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KAP sites@

Andrea Casalboni & Alberto Bonati's KAP Site :Italy

Charles C. Benton's KAP Site :U.S.A. (Berkeley California)

Yasunori Ichikawa's KAP Site :Japan@

Mike Brown :Antioch (Chicago), Illinois USA

Yoshiaki Suzuki's KAP Site :Japan

Masami Nakajima's KAP Site:Japan

Takashi Nishimura's KAP Site :Japan

A.Gispen's KAP Site :Holland

Harald Prinzler's KAP Site :Germany

Olivier Humez's KAP Site : France

Kite sites

"JOIN WITH THE WIND" Kite Site :Japan

Air Pictures sites

"Air Pictures by Radio Controlled Heri & Plane (Q.Suzuki)FJAPAN

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