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Kite Aerial Photography of the Pyramid in Egypt

エジプト ギザのビラミッドKAP空撮


 あまりにも有名なエジプトのビラミッド特にギザのクフ王、カフラー王,メンカウラ一王の三大ピラミッドはみごとである。l 997年3月l日ついに憧れのビラミッドにアタックすることが出来た。約10年前から希望していた被写体である。 ホテルからタクシーで約10分でゲートに着く。入場料を払って場内に入る。ギザ台地は砂漠の延長にあり,四角錐の形状が青空に突き刺さる。近づくほど段々の岩がはっきり見える。物凄い数の岩の積み重ねである。高さはクフ王のものでl 47メートルあるという。以前は登ることが出来たが現在は禁止されている。風はナイル河方向から吹き程よい強さである。丁度クフ王とカフラー王のピラミッドの間が風通し良く凧揚げ場所と決めた。タクシーの運転手に手伝ってもらい、フローフォームカイトを用意した。風によりあっというまに凧は揚がった。見慣れぬ飛行物体が揚がったのでラクダを操る地元の男達がびっくりした。5〜6人が私のところに近づいてきてワイワイ騒ぎ始めた。タクシーの運転手にお願いし整理してもらった。凧糸を約30 メートルほどくりだしカメラステイションであるピカブイのつり糸を取り付けた。




Kite Aerial Photography of the Pyramid in Egypt

K. Muroka

Among the famous pyramids in Egypt, the three grate pyramid in Giza of Khufu, Khefre, and Menkaure are the most magnificent of all. For over ten years, I was longing to visit Egypt for taking picture of them with my kite. On March 1st, 1997, finally the dream came true.

On the day the sky was crystal clear, I took a taxi to Giza. It took me for ten minutes. It looked like more than that. As I bought a ticket and got in the reserve of the pyramid, I was on the plateaux of Giza which was nothing but a small part of Sahara Desart. Pointed peaks of pyramid scrape the blue sky. As I approach them, rocks piled up one after the other came into my view. Millions of square rocks. How magnificent. The one for Khufu towers up to 147 meters high. Climbing to the top has been banned for saving it from deterioration now. It used be allowed.

The wind was just right for kite. The Nile was sending it for me. The gap between the Pyramid of Khufu and Khefre was the way for the wind going through. This is the place. To the taxi driver curious to what I was trying to do, I asked him to give me a hand. I got a flow form kite out of my bag. It went up without an effort. Cammel riders looking on us came close and began talking about the kite. Soon I was in the middle of quarrel and screaming. I asked taxi driver to put them in order and to be quiet.

The line on the kite went out for about 30 meters. A camera rig with Picavet hooked on it. Nikon Mini with 28 mm lens is on the rig. Thin ropes on Picavet absorbes vibration. The pictures must be crisp. Off goes the line. The camera looks at the Kefre' s pyramid. After 20 minutes, I took the camera down. This is it. The dream I kept in my mind for 10 years has ended. "Oh, My God!". Timer attached to the camera was not working! How come! The battery was down. It' s not impossible. What did I come here for? I took the film out of the camera. No second film went into the camera. I had to go back to my hotel feeling I was a very small buy. My schedule did not allow me to go back there. I am on my educational tour for the students I teach architecture in Tokyo. How dipressing.

Back in Japan, I got all of the films sent out to the photo shop for developing and printing. The film I used for pyramid supposed to be the transparant when it came back. No. It did not! I got the pictures of the pyramid! How fantastic! It is impossible! I was dancing like a five year old boy in my room! Nothing but joy went through my body. I knew I could not go back to Egypt very easily when I left there. But here it was in front of me. The pictures of the pyramid taken from the air. These pictures are one of the most memorable and valuable.

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Gallery 3

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